Hello, World!

Well here it is! The first release of my new website, powered by my new blogging software! It's all very rough and v0.0.1 at the moment, but I'm just glad to get something up on the internet, rather than just 'working on my machine'. I'm also happy to not be running on WordPress!

About me:

  • I'm Cam Jackson, a software developer/consultant from Melbourne, Australia. Currently working for ThoughtWorks Aus.
  • I always used to say my favourite language was Python, but these days Ruby is rapidly winning me over!
  • I also have a keen interest in DevOps and Continuous Delivery, from both an organisational and technical/tools standpoint.

About this site:

  • I'll mostly use this site to blog, also with a few static pages on me and my projects.
  • For blog topics, I'll probably write my thoughts on software, agile, testing, devops, and whatever else I'm interested in. I'll do project updates too, including the app running this site!
  • I have an old site that I seem to have stuffed up the routing on, when I switched stuff over to dnsimple. At some point (hopefully pretty soon), I'll migrate the content over to here, although there wasn't much anyway.

About this software: (Edit: A lot of the following information is no longer true)

  • It's called writeitdown, because all the content is written in markdown. (Yay, markdown is awesome!)
  • It's written in javascript, running on node.js, with a mongo database. The code is available on github, and pull requests are welcome!
  • It's currently running on Heroku, with the database on MongoLab.
  • I am definitely not a designer, so please forgive any hideousness or UX disasters. My main concern in the near term will probably be functionality, but I'll try to work on the looks as I go.

That's it for now! I have lots of ideas for what to do with this space, in terms of both content and the site itself, so I hope to be back soon!